The Core of the Mandala

Hello everyone!

We are 6 months away from the World Peace Gathering in December. The Mandala will be particularly dedicated for the 3.9M global deceased of COVID-19. With such a tremendous loss, we believe in the synergy of gathering all your sincere heart and mind to bring healing to the world.

We need you, a lot of you, Thousands of you with your sincerity and deep meditative strength. To be ready, join us every Saturday morning (starting on July 3rd, 2021) from 8:00 am to 9:00 am PST to cultivate the 4 Lotuses, the core practice of this year’s human Mandala.

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You want to give more? Yes, you can! Join the core of the Mandala through the Altruistic Home-Leaving retreat. It is a 12-day commitment in being a full-ordained novice Buddhist monk/nun. Trainings will be announced to learn the virtuous monastic lifestyle.

We wish the most successful Mandala – bringing peace and healing to the world.